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Nicole Hall

A passionate designer blurring the line between fine art & design

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In Progress

Full branding for the speculative tech conference Vivified. Vivified is a conference encouraging young designers to let go of the fear of failing & comparing themselves to others in order pursue their design goals.  

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Trust the Process

Promotional Postcard series

A series of three postcards & a promotional item for the York/Sheridan Bachelor of Design program. Cards illustrate the design journey in both a literal, and symbolic approach.

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Sweater Illustration

Hand Illustrated Crewneck

A vectorized illustration printed using sublimation.

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Method to the Madness

Custom Typography

Hand drawn & vectorized custom type

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"Snicc" Typeface

Fully Functioning Custom Typeface

A playful custom typeface, showcased in a mock pop up exhibit for the AGO.

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