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In progress

vivified poster, abstract approach

A series of posters for the fictional Vivified conference


11" x 17"





Branding & Promotion

Print Media

Web Design

Vivified is a fictional motivational conference inspiring young designers to let go of the fears and judgements of other and to trust their work. Many young designers suffer the number one enemy of creativity, which is the fear of not being good enough. We are constantly comparing our work to others, and rarely feel satisfied.

This is a project I am currently working on, beggining with the initial feel, colours, and style of the design I created some posters and have begun designing website landing pages. 

The strict colour pallet consisting of bright contrasting fuchsia & aqua are only accompanied by white & black to help create this vivid contrast. I am still playing with the idea of weaving different imagery throughout the pieces and unifying them with colour, or choosing one specific icon and carrying that throughout the piece.

The finished fully branded project will consist of posters, web & app design, tickets, an event directory in the form of a pamphlet, and a promotional item.

Chosen Direction

In progress

Program coming soon!

Process & Variations

Helvetica Bold

Proxima Nova

Poppins Extra Light

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