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Trust the Process

A series of three promotional postcards for the York Sheridan Bachelor of Design program. 


5" x 7"





Branding & Promotion

Print Media

I began the design process of these cards with the tagline "Trust the Process". After some deliberation as to what felt fitting as a message to young designers considering the program, I decided upon this tagline to represent the sometimes frustrating and exhausting journey that is creating meaningful work. The design process, as many of us know is long and can often feel like running circles. I however want to stress the importance and value of trusting the entire process to young designers.


I chose to use the primary colours as my palette for this project, as they are bright, bold, and individually all create high contrast against my otherwise monochromatic layouts. The layouts represent the design process both literally and symbolically. Beginning with the yellow card and moving through to the red, viewers can see the literal design process from the brainstorming and sketches to the critique & print. Along with these visuals, I included the more symbolic approach, showing the real life value and payoff in the process. The cards portray student-like illustrations (music, friends, student sleep schedules, coffee) and then move into success (graduation, work, and stability) in the final card of the series. The cards also line up with each other though the line work around the edges. 

I chose to emphasize certain illustrations with colour to be a main focus on the individual card. This gives a clear and concise idea for each one. The yellow book & lightbulb represent the research and idea, the blue coffee is a staple for the student and sleepless work nights, and the red ribbon and positive feedback represent success. 

The promotional item is a packaged pen. The pen was chosen because it is a standard design tool. The packaging carries a cohesive design style with the cards; displaying the school and program logos so consumers know what the item is associated with.  

Process & Variations

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