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Snicc the Typeface

An experimental fully functioning typeface designed for large scale editorial & advertisement purposes.






Snicc is the first fully functioning typeface that I have designed. When tackling this project, I decided that I wanted to create a bold, geometric, and more experimental typeface. I went into this project specifically thinking editorial, high fashion, museum exhibit-esque style. I had previously studied under the very talented Paul Sych, and drew a lot of inspiration from him and his typography. 

Snicc is a typeface best viewed large scale, and for this I believe an exhibit of sorts, or large advertisement is best suited for the typeface. 

This project was the first of its kind that I had ever worked on, and through this I not only learned a lot, but ran into a lot of obstacles. I believe this is a project I will constantly be tweaking as I grow and refine my skills, however I am very proud of the current outcome. 

The Typeface

Process & Variations

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